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Questions & Answers

You have a lot of landscape, scenery, and travel photos in your gallery and portfolio. Are you a new engagement and wedding photographer?
Yes, I am. I've always just had a passion for photographing everything beautiful. Change is something that I am absolutely excited for and I can't wait to show you all my future work.
What photography style do you prefer?
I love using natural light for photography, I find that the images look very pure and real through that. I also tend to use artistic and creative qualities in my images. In my architectural photographs, I tend to add a bit more shadow to show the detail and depth through the lines and curves.
What should I/we wear?
Keep your clothing choices simple, trying to avoid logos and busy patterns. I would suggest layers and textures. Wear some simple accessories, like jewelry, a scarf or a fancy hat, maybe even a cute pair of shoes. For couples, colour coordinating can make the photo seem slightly more pleasing to the eye. Wear clothing and accessories that represent who you are as a person. Most importantly, don't forget to wear your smile!
What should I/we bring?
If you have a package with more than one outfit, don't forget the other outfit(s)! If you have something memorable that you want to add in your photos, like a special trinket, feel free to bring that along.
Will you use my images for advertising? 
It is conditional upon agreeing to sign a photo print release form - for weddings, a contract. I understand for privacy reasons, you may not wish to sign the form to release the images. However, it would mean a lot to be able to share the photographs I take to the rest of the world via social media and my website. 
Do you photograph a variety of cultures, especially for weddings?
Absolutely! Diversity is what makes up this world. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss more details.
How do we know that you will not show or edit the images to another person for any reason?
Privacy and honesty are my two of the main reasons I am doing this. I am a hijab wearing Muslim and that too would be something I would also be wondering if I were to hire a photographer - "Does the photographer show the images to anyone else? Do they let others edit them?". I shoot and edit the photographs myself; therefore, there will not be a second or third party person doing so.
Do you retouch photos? 
I can retouch simple things (ex. teeth, acne, etc.) but I won't photoshop your entire face or make you look any different. As a photographer, my job is capture your real and beautiful self. 
Under your collections, it is written that you don't limit the photos you give us. So will you give us all the images you take? 
The photos I take might be hundreds. Going through the images I take is time consuming and they are carefully and precisely selected to be chosen; those pictures that make it through the selection, are yours to keep.
How long will it take to get our edited photos back?
During the photography high-season, for portraits, approximately 2-3 weeks; for weddings, it is approximately 1-2 months. 
Do you watermark our images? 
I do watermark the images that are given to you for copyright and branding. The watermark is small, so it won't take away from the beauty of the image itself.
Do you travel for your photography sessions? 
I'm sorry, I'm mainly a photographer in the Windsor and Essex County region; however, if you have a location in my mind, feel free to contact me to ask!
Does also you offer or do videography ?
No, Seen Photography only offers photography services.
I love doing photography for almost any occasion. If you have an occasion in mind that you do not see listed, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you.
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Thank you!
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