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Christie & David's Engagement

This was from a wedding photography course I took at the college to help gain experience from photographing landscapes to people. Being able to capture true love, I needed a push; which is the reason why I attended this course. This day two models were brought in, a married couple, and we had the opportunity to photograph them; therefore, this was considered a post-engagement shoot. Of course, attending this course meant that I was surrounded by a dozen other photographers around me. Catching those perfect and true moments was going to be hard, but, it worked out.

That day was a beautiful day, there sun was beginning to set and there was a wonderful golden glow everywhere. The water glistened reflecting the pearl sky and the forest green trees. The surroundings sparkled, not only the love in their eyes. The background and the pond in the background blurred in the background simply made the couple stand out so well. The radiant sun cast a halo effect outlining their beauty as a couple; it was all so perfect.

She wore a midnight blue dress with a stunning gold accent, a sparkling silver necklace that shined bright. Her makeup was soft and simple, yet, so alluring. He wore a grey vest and a soft blue shirt. Their colour combinations complimented each other so well.

Soft and intimate kisses were captured, showing the pure essence of their affection towards one another. Laughter and smiles came in as an array; they beamed of happiness. They swayed, danced, and seemed like they came out of a Disney movie. He carried her like a feather, caring for her so deeply. Walking across the arched wooden bridge, it was like he was protecting her from any possibly danger that could occur. She was a princess awaiting her prince to save her.

The entire shoot was simply exquisite; and absolute pleasure working with Christie and David. They definitely showed what true love is.

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