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Esraa's Portrait Shoot

Meeting this beautiful lady was a coincidence that was meant to happen. We met for the session at a Riverside park on the twenty-sixth of July, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright, tall green maple trees, and flowers that surrounded the pathways. Throughout the park, the grass was fresh and popped its bright green colour. The river was crisp and the sky was blue as could be.

Esraa wore a flowy flowered top, navy blue denim jeans, bone coloured ankle strapped wedges, and a topped with off with a stylish beige floppy sun hat. Her makeup was simple, summer-like, soft eyes and a bold pink lip, to make her green eyes and her lips pop. We took a walk around the entire park, and I photographed her with along the stone wall path. The flowers made a beautiful natural backdrop.

Walking a little further, she sat along a stone set of stairs, the sun peaked through the leaves from the trees showed for some contrasting shadows and highlights. Throughout the park, there were stone benches and picnic tables that helped give the shoot a variation of poses to work with and photograph. We reached the center of the garden, where the Peace Fountain was a soft background for the photos. Everywhere we went, there was something that we could use, turning each photo into something simply alluring.

Continuing our walk to the last bit of the park, we found a tree that had the most desirable light for her photos. There were expressions of joy, happiness, heartbreak, thoughts of emotion, and a little bit of sassiness was a must - therefore, a model pose was needed, and let me just tell you, flawless.

Location: Coventry Gardens - Windsor, ON


Closeups, portraits, depth, and full body shots were all captured on this perfect day. Incorporating the natural props within the shots, it showed the essence of the place and of her personality. She was someone that is truly amazing to work with. I had a lot of fun photographing this lovely lady, hoping for more encounters.

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