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Francesca & Chris' Wedding

The twenty-seventh of August of Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen it was a perfect day. It started as a beautiful sunny and lovely day. Arriving at the groom's house, it was situated across a small lake. The reflection of the blue sky and green trees was simply delightful. Entering the home, it was a full house with several people finished up getting ready. All of the groomsmen were ready and went outside to have some manly time. Opening up their drink cooler, taking it easy before a long day. The groomsmen were in dark grey suits, white shirts, and light grey ties. The groom's boutonnière had a white rose, while the lads had royal purple calla lilies. I took the time to photograph some candids, formals of the groomsmen, details, and all-things-wedding.

The invitation was something that stood out to me; the colours of a royal purple popped with so much contrast within the cream theme. The delicate card was wrapped with a quote, having the letter "o" in the word "love", being a sparkly gem. The groom's ring was a gold band, with a slight shiny detail on the edge. The bride's ring was a simple and stunning white gold band with sparkling stones around it.

The ceremony was held at a local church. Inside there was beautiful coloured mosaic glass, wood benches were on either side of the isle. There was some gold detailing, with coloured detail on the altar, and some flowers of the wedding. Waiting for the bride to arrive, the guests started taking their places and greeting the groom, along with his family.

The pastor was the officiant of ceremony, he walked down the aisle first, following the groomsmen and bridesmaids in pairs. The bridesmaids were in strapless dark royal purple dresses that flowed down to the ground. The ring bearers came behind with the flower girl. Francesca appeared with her father, her arm wrapped around his. She was wearing a stunning lace mermaid gown with capped sleeves. There was some sparkle scattered throughout the dress. Her hair was softly curled, half up and the other half down. Separating her bangs, a shimmering head band. Her chiffon chapel veil flowed behind her, with another elbow length veil draped over the front of her face. She was an alluring bride.

As she walked down the isle, Chris' smile was beaming, he then looked down at the floor and filling his eyes were tears of joy. The traditional Catholic ceremony began, and the couple sat down with the maid of honour and the best man to their sides. Francesca wanted her Nonna to be in as much of the wedding she could, as she meant a lot to her. She had her do a few of the parts within the ceremony. It was an emotional bit.

Once the ceremony was over, all of the wedding guest made their way to the front of the church for a massive group photo. They were all positioned along the steps of the church, with the bride and groom up front and center. While at the ceremony location, several formal family portraits were taken.

The wedding party made their way to a local historic manor for the formal photos. Unfortunately the clouds came in and rained on their photos. There were a few group shots as well as bride and groom singles. The rest of the shots were taken at the reception venue.

Arriving at the reception, they were setting up the final touches before all the guests arrived. During this time, I did all of the detail shots of the entire space along with the details of it all. Just after the entrance, there was a table for the gifts, a decorated box for the envelopes, and mini wine bottles as the wedding favours. The centerpieces, the cutlery, the main wedding party table, and of course, the wedding cake. A three-tiered ruffled white cake, with white and royal purple flowers alongside the two separating edges. The cake was topped with an adorable groom hugging his wife from behind; all so simplistic and elegant.

The entrance to the venue had a large wooden frame with wood chips on the side for the guests to sign; it was a very unique idea that I hadn't seen before. On the other side was another frame with the seating chart. As the guests were arriving, I photographed the bride and groom as they greeted them. Taking candid photos as the guests settled into their arranged seating.

As it reached to the reception time, the grand entrances started. The pairs of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, along with the ring bearer and flower girl. Following them, the newly weds, Francesca and Chris. They all danced as a group, circled around the bride and groom, laughing and smiling as the party was getting started. Sparkling gold confetti fell from the ceiling all around the dance floor; a disco party light spread throughout the entire venue, splashing out pops of colour. It was magnificent. The fun dance song came to an end; it was time for the first dance.

The disco lights softened, turning into a soft golden yellow colour, slowing down for the first dance. The bride and groom swayed from side to side. She had her left arm around his and her right hand intertwined with his. The sparks of love were shown from the twinkling eyes and glistening smiles towards one another; that to me, is true love.

From there on, it was dinner time. Afterwards, the party was yet to begin into the evening.

Ceremony: St. Angela Merici - Windsor, ON

Formals: Willistead Manor - Windsor, ON

Reception: Ciociaro Club - Windsor, ON


The entire wedding simply beautiful. To experience this wedding as my fourth and working with an astonishing photographer, was an honour. I wish Francesca and Chris a life together with joy, happiness, and love.


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