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Leslie & Rob's Wedding

The twentieth of August of Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen, it was wonderful sparkly day. The clouds were grey, but everyone's spirits were shining bright. Arriving at the groom's house, the groomsmen were ready and chatting throughout the kitchen and dining room. The groom had yet to get ready, but I could tell from his first expression that there was some slight nervousness within him. Whilst he got ready, I took some time to photograph candids and look for any wedding-related mementos; which included his suit jacket and tie, his shoes, watch, cufflinks, and cologne.

Once the groom was ready, it was time to take his solo formal photos. We then headed out to the yard with the groomsmen to have some group shots. They were all enjoying the moments together, portraying their true selves as friends, buddies, and pals. I asked if they all wanted a shot with them all jumping, they said sure. As I counted down, the groom jumped and the groomsmen didn't jumped. Messing around with their close friend, was a true moment that they will definitely remember.

On one of the tables, a red gift bag, carried a white envelope; written was a message for the groom to open on his wedding day, from his bride. Rob opened the envelope and read the card that was meant for him, he smiled and had a small moment of tears in his eyes; love was shown.

We arrived at the venue and the groomsmen scattered throughout. The setting of the wedding was impeccable. Elegant, classic, and charming was the theme. The entrance was beautiful, a chalkboard with the bride and groom's names were written elegantly. On the right was a black gleaming piano with a rose gold sequin runner across the depth of it. There were frames of the same refined colour, inside them were images of their engagement session; the emotion of love ran deep and shined towards anyone who saw them.

The entrance to the grand hall was the seating chart, each card defining the table numbers and the guest with the same gold calligraphic print. The venue was in a country club, the dark wooden trusses in the grand hall showed the charming side of the theme. Continuing in the grand hall, were lovely chandeliers with flowers hanging from them. A table was set for the guests to place their gifts along with a white bird cage for envelopes. Throughout the hall, another table had several wedding-themed items on top. A metal basket held many fancy flip-flops for the ladies to remove for dancing; and for the guys, a cigar bar. A table on the left side of the hall carried the wedding cake. A beautifully decorated two-tier naked cake. It had cream icing spread unevenly on the sides, with pink and white flowers of roses and orchids, topped with a sparkling gold of calligraphic writing of their last name.

Before the ceremony, the bride and groom planned for a first-look. Rob walked out to the final paved walking point on the golf course, patiently waiting to be greeted by his wife-to-be. Leslie followed him, her blush ballgown sparkled from a distance; a blush chiffon ballgown, the bodice of rich and elegant lace, dazzling with stones. The back of the bodice had buttons from the top, all the way to the bottom of the gown. Her hair was in a classy up-do, below it, a cathedral veil gently falling behind. She was simply alluring. Her smile was ear-to-ear as she walked closer to him; and as her steps were towards him, Rob turned around smiling at his bride, giving her a soft kiss.

Following the first look, the wedding party photos were taken. The bride with her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen, and all of them together. Laughs and smiles spread throughout the group; it was an magnificent moment. The bride and groom then had their mini couple session. Several shots and poses were taken of the two, as well as the details, quickly wrapping up before the rain started to fall.

The ceremony was soft and simple, slight cut short since there was a little drizzle. There were white wooden chairs sitting symmetrically across the isle. There were glass candle holders alongside the isle continuing the charming setup. White rose petals were placed all throughout the path. The wedding party walked in pairs, down the stone curved path towards the isle; following the flower girl and the ring bearer. Leslie and her father walked behind them, one arm wrapped around her father's and the other held a beautiful white and pink bouquet filled with the same white and pink roses and orchids. Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at her husband-to-be. Once the service finished, everyone headed inside and the cocktail hour began; of course, the candids were taken during that time.

In the dining hall, there was elegance and décor beyond beauty. Several crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Wood paneling and wainscoting flowed throughout the space. There was contrast in the colours between a golden-yellow, a light grey, and ivory in the walls, along with brushed gold dining chairs. The same beautiful rose-gold table runners were incorporated on each table, continuing the classy elegance.

As everyone took their place in the dining hall, the wedding party entered in pairs for the grand entrance. The bride and groom followed smiling and dancing all the way to their chairs. The guests were applauding, laughter, and smiles, filled the room. It was a grand moment for the grand entrance.

Ceremony & Reception: Essex Golf & Country Club - LaSalle, ON


The entire wedding simply alluring. To experience this wedding as my third and working with an astonishing photographer, was an honour. I wish Leslie and Rob a life together with joy, happiness, and love.


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