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Suzan & Ibrahim's Maternity-Family Session

It was a beautiful day in Autumn, the sixth of November of Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen. There was crisp cool air whistling through the trees and the sound of golden-red leaves crunching on the ground was simply blissful. Suzan, a dear friend and client, was a few months into her pregnancy, and her vision was to have her maternity shoot done in Autumn — her favourite season.

We walked around various areas of Coventry Gardens, trying to catch and get as much of the beautiful sunlight as possible before it set. The light shined through the leaves creating beautiful highlights directly onto her stomach; as if a little angel was glowing (may Allah protect the little one).

Suzan was a glowing pregnant woman. Her makeup was slightly bold, but blended well with her outfit. She wore a beautiful cream dress, with lace around part of the bodice, it flowed softly in the wind.

The husband and wife brought along things that they wished to see in their photographs. A white fleece blanket, to lay on the ground. Little shoes were used to showcase the precious baby boy; along with the sonogram. Using fixed elements around the park, like wooden picnic benches, mature maple trees, and the fading grass, shaped the location to be a prime spot for the photoshoot. With everything from the cute props to the natural details, and the affection shown from the couple, showed the strongest love towards their soon-to-be-born son.

The golden sunlight casted against the leaves, glistening against the waters and beautiful natural background. It created the perfect atmosphere and an amazing evening.


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