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Suzan's Nursery

Nursery's are the ultimate special place for newborns and little ones. Making them a comforting place for the mum or dad, makes it the best atmosphere for all. There's not a single thing that Suzan, hadn't thought of, in preparation for her baby boy to be born. Everything was ready for him to enter the world at ease.

The beautiful room was decorated with the colour scheme of neutrals, such as taupes and beiges, along with the contrasting hue of mint. They are colours that Suzan loves and chose them as for the emotions to be relaxing at all times.

As you enter, sat a cream fabric rocking chair to add to the addition in comfort, as well as an easy way to unwind on any stress when she is in the room. On the furthest wall, under the bright window, stood the baby crib. Also cream in colour, a custom 4-1 crib was chosen to fit the little one as he grows up. The left wall had a fabric day bed in taupe colour. It had stud accents along the frame to create a modern touch to the serene environment. Placed on the bed are multiple accent pillows, perfectly symmetrical, along with a throw blanket.

The wall itself had jungle animal wallpaper, as a soft focal point. Hung were six custom hand painted pictures of her mother's artwork. Each contained a painting of an animal, based off of the theme of the room. The small vertical wall on the side, continued with the taupe paint, with a wire framed 'M' as an acronym of the little boys' name.

The entire focal point of the room was the balloon animal light fixture. The fixture was handcrafted by the client herself. She chose a lantern and decorated it to resemble an air balloon, with small stuffed animals, popping out of the basket.

The wall on the right, had a mirrored closet, which reflected the beauty of the entire room. The final wall behind you as you walk in, has three white floating shelves, that carry glass figurines of giraffes and an elephant. A small side table, with a cream contemporary lamp placed on top, separates the rocking chair and the bed. Another delicate elephant figurine sits next to the lamp.

The flooring spreads — espresso hardwood — from the entire home continues into the nursery. Centring the room, a furry cream rug, with a small ottoman on top.

Everything in the room came together in such unison in which mother, father, and baby will enjoy through mornings, afternoons, and nights; and be in the ultimate soothing environment.


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