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Virginia & Eric's Wedding

The second wedding that I assisted shooting, was on the twenty-third of July of Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen. Vintage, rustic, and classic, all in one pretty little package. It was a beautiful, mid-afternoon day, I arrived at the venue, and everyone was setting up the ceremony outside. The front of the vineyard and estate was surround by rows of vines, the other, Lake Erie was peaking out from behind.

Inside, there was a lot of dark wood colours around and wine barrels surrounding the main reception area. The bride was getting ready in one room and the groom and his best man in another. Pearl, coral, and an eggshell blue made up the colour scheme. It all flowed perfectly with the venue. Virginia wore a beautiful white sweetheart neckline a-line gown. It had a ruched bodice, with a polka-dotted chiffon bottom. Her hair was simple and charming, a side bun, with Baby's Breath peaking out from the sides. She had a simple pearl bracelet, with a silver pendant hanging down, engraved was her initial. Her footwear followed the theme, white flip-flop sandals, with a small sparkly brooch on the center point. She was simply stunning. The bridesmaids were all in the same eggshell blue knee-length dresses with the same sandals, each one in a different style.

Eric was in a black suit, a white shirt, with a grey cross-hatched paisley print tie. His boutonnière was a crisp white rose. The best man was in a similar outfit; however, with an eggshell blue tie and a boutonnière, a coral rose, with some Baby's Breath.

Before the ceremony, the formal photos were taken in the backside of the property. Trees edged the pathway, making it the perfect backdrop of the venue. There was a picnic bench along the rocky path. The groom made his way down the middle point of the trail and then stopped, awaiting his bride. Virginia followed him along, smiling so wide, until she reached her groom. She hugged him from behind and Eric turned around with a beaming grim. They were so happy as they exchanged a kiss.

The wedding party all made their way down the path and gathered around the picnic bench for the formals. It was filled with laughs, smiles, twinkling eyes all around by the bridesmaids. Once the ornate photos were taken, everyone went back into the venue until the ceremony began.

The ceremony was along the grassland just before the sandy area, the lake was silently smooth. White wooden chairs were positioned perfectly along each side of the isle. The white pergola had a chiffon fabric and vine-like greenery and flowers, wrapped all the way around. Eric and the officiant awaited the bride to walk down the isle. The bridesmaids, arm in arm, walked first, following the flower girl as she threw white petals on the ground. Virginia had her arm locked around her father's, they walked down the isle. Eric's smile was from ear to ear, happiness filled the air.

Once the ceremony ended, the guests made their way back to the venue for cocktail hour. Always the best time to snap those candid moments. Along the side of the staircase, a wine barrel had a slot in the top, for guests to pop their wedding cards in. Next to that, sat the engagement book for guests to sign, surrounded with wedding beautifully wrapped wedding presents. The seating chart was placed in front of the door to the reception, a golden frame with everyone's name written in the same colour on the black chalk board. It was all in a classic manner.

The reception hall continued with the rustic and vintage vibe. Clear light bulbs softly hung around the wooden beams in the ceiling. The main table, covered in a draped ivory tablecloth, was opposite to doors, with long windows in behind. On the right side of the room, placed another table filled with desserts and books on either end; classic novels. The center of the table was a five-tier cake stand; four tiers of cupcakes with various toppings, all below the beautifully covered icing cake on the top. Each guest table had a couple of the classic books, with a vase filled with flowers. Alongside a place-card holding a designed eggshell blue card, with delicate calligraphy of the table numbers.

The bride and groom greeted the guests one-by-one as they entered the reception hall. Hugs, kisses, little stories were exchanged throughout the greetings; it was all incredibly joyful. Once all the guests were all settled, the bride and groom entered the hall with a simple entrance, each of them entering through separate sides of the main table. As the bride sat, Eric went over to a pedestal on the side to make a speech. His speech was kind as he boasted about his bride and thanking everyone for coming, including a special person in his life, his sister.

From there on, began the dinner, afterwards, the party was yet to begin into the evening.

Ceremony & Reception: Sprucewood Winery and Estates - Amherstburg, ON


The entire wedding simply alluring. To experience this wedding as my second and working with an astonishing photographer, was an honour. I wish Virginia and Eric a life together with joy, happiness, and love.


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