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Let's talk

I am an engagement, wedding, and lifestyle photographer in the Windsor and Essex County region. 

Please check out the 'Q & A' page if you have any general questions. If you'd liked to see a more in depth galleria of my work, feel free to click on 'Portfolio'.


Also, please do let me know how you have found me, I'd love to know! 

Please note: Seen Photography does not have videography services


Thank you!



Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 519.991.6985



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About Me


Beyond The Name

My name is Suzanne, a simple individual with a flair for art and design. Studying interior architecture has given me a sense of understanding of how life (and of course, interiors) should be structured; but I've learnt that there's so much more to it.


If there were any word that could describe me, it would be, passionate. It is something that I've always intercepted in with photography. I guess you could say, it's been with me since I was a child. Photography has increased my love for how I perceive the world and I tend to apply it in my daily life. That is something that simply makes me, me.


I've always loved taking photos of landscapes, but I said, Why not go one step further; as there is nothing better than to capture pure unconditional love.





Seen. س. One of the 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. The letter in which my name also starts with. The letter with so much simplicity, but yet, so unique. Seeing is so much more to meets the eye. We see many things in our lives that we miss. It is our job to focus and capture those moments that we've seen and to continue making those moments absolutely wonderful memories.

"Live life and capture the greatest moments; there will always be a little sparkle somewhere"

Snap Shots
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